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About Raman Malik:
Raman Malik (Born 10th Feb 1974) is an Indian Politician & member of Bhartiya Janata Party since 1992. He had been a spokesperson of BJP Haryana for 5+ years & Ex. Co-Convener National communication cell BJP.

Raman Malik has a strong association with RSS (His Grand father Late Lala N. R. Malik got associated with PP Dr. B. R. Hedgewar ji in Amritsar 1922, His father was illegally arrested in emergency 1975). He has been associated with various religious and social organizations (Aarya Samaj, Dayanand Arya Goushala, Mata Ka Mandir and many more including NGOs). And developed a deep establishment with Indian Culture and Indian Religion.

Knowledgeable personal, familiar with city operations and local ordinances. Career history working well with members of public, city councils and departments officers and leaders and execute strategic vision that Gurgaon people put forward with sustainable future.

A Well-qualified personal, familiar with city operations and local ordinances. Works very closely with members of public councils, city councils, department officers and leaders, in developing and executing strategic vision that the people of Gurgaon put forward with sustainable future.

With over 30 years of experience in political/social service, he is well-versed with budget administration and public relations. Has excellent problem solving and communications skills, which has helped in accomplishing challenging objectives under strict timelines. Very progressive in his approach and believes in building relationships not only with the team but with various departments. With years of knowledge and experience about Gurugram’s policies and legal procedures, not only will that help in maximizing positive outreach but will also increase “Positive Public Perception”. A decisive leader promoting operational improvements, Collaborative expansion and positive transparent work culture which are pivotal to succeed. Having a proven history of accepting change and improving working procedures for better delivery of goals Not just that he is having strong leadership skills, but  also have ability to listen to people and be persevering in attaining his goals, having a lot of patience.

Due to the passion for social justice and public issues, have helped in resolving residents problems, thereby making a tangible difference in the community. These qualities make me the ideal candidate for a demanding position. Especially in today's circumstance where there is lot of Expectations of delivery from the person who would be selected by the party for the mayor, at the same time his deeds would impact the general elections 2024 and state elections 2024. As we all know there is going to be a constant war of comparison between Delhi and Gurugram because of its geographical location. Ultimately, the party shall consider many factors when selecting their mayoral candidate, including political strategy, regional demographics, and public opinion. Which I trust will be fulfilled as myself being the candidate for this office.

Also following information helps to understand that he is engaged closely with Gurgaon Residents:

Key Capabilities:

  • Knowledgeable personality with practical approach
  • Conversant with ever changing technology & dynamic requirements of Millennium city
  • Eager to spend time on public welfare
  • Proficient use of social media connect & solution through communication
  • Empowering “Bhagidari” with RWAs and NGOs
  • Clean Image & Lead by Example
  • Delegation
  • Public Opinion
  • Zero Controversy

Key Contribution:

  • Ram Janmabhoomi Kar Sewa (Year 1992)
  • Janadesh Yatra (Year 1993)
  • Swarna Jayanti Rath Yatra (Year 1997)
  • Actively participated in election campaign for Late Smt. Sushma Swaraj from South Delhi in 12th Lok Sabha election (Year 1998)
  • Functioned as active member of the working team for 2004 elections
  • Nominated as member of BJP Haryana State Samwad Team in August 2011
  • Part of Central Core Group of Jan Chetna Yatra (Oct, Nov 2011)
  • Coordination between the Central Office and the communication team of Delhi Pradesh BJP for MCD Election in 2012
  • Headed War Room for Himachal Election 2012
  • Appointed as a Special Invitee to the National Executive of BJP Samwad Cell in 2013
  • Created Mission Reach Himachal campaign on the social media with a reach of 16 lakh people
  • Appointed as National Co-convener of the Communication Cell in Sep 2013
  • Part of the ICCC (Information Communication Campaign Committee) for 2014 General Elections
  • Representing Party-line in debates on various regional TV channels and Smaller National Channels
  • Managed Media and Communication Centre for Haryana Vidhan Sabha Elections 2014, undertaking all parts Print, and Electronic & Media surveillance. For Gurgaon and Faridabad Parliamentary constituency as well as TV channels operated out of NCR
  • Part of Social Media campaigning planning for Haryana Elections
  • Have conducted programs under BJP MEMBERSHIP CAMPAIGN 2015 with SAAMVAD CELL TEAMS from UP, Punjab, HP and parts of Haryana. Samwad Cell has been able to get over 165000 + in just UP & Punjab.

Religious and Cultural Contribution:

  • Shri Raman Malik ji has been blessed to have the basic ethos deep-rooted in Santana Dharma. He has been blessed and guided by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. He is regularly in Association with ISKCON and with the blessing of His Holiness Gopal Krishna Ji Maharaj the work of ISKCON Badshahpur Temple has been going on a fast pace. He has also been associated in celebrations of Janmashtami through ISKCON where in 2018 1.2 lakh people and in 2019 there were over 1.5 Lakh seekers who visited the temple.
  • Sh. Raman Malik is in regular Association with other social and cultural organisations such as Sarvajanik Ganesh Utsav Samiti Gurugram, Maharashtra Mandal Gurugram, Punjabi Mahasabha Gurugram and others helping in whichever way possible.

People connection and Support to Environments:

  • Having worked his way up from the ground level, he knows the importance of connecting with people on daily basis.
  • He has regularly been in touch with various RWA right from the high society of the Cyber City to the unauthorised colonies and slums situated all over Gurugram Vidhan Sabha and Badshahpur.
  • He has raised his voice on various key public issues electricity, roads, Dwarka Express Road, Kherki Daula Toll, Issue of Enhancement of HSVP plot allotees all over the state
  • Worked with Various NGOs and Social workers developed by honourable Prime Minister of India and supported them
  • Conducted over 100 plantation drives where more than 2500 trees planted, and supported the environments friendly policies by getting them adopted by nearby residents.
  • Front ended HSVP Enhancement related matter and brought the same to logical conclusion.
  • Vociferous advocate for conservation of water by demonstrating various ways to conserve potable drinking water specially in metropolitan city


Expertise in Social Media Campaign:


  • Started social media campaign on Discarding Single use plastic
  • Started leveraging social media technology since 2009 and started “ADVANI FOR PM” – A pioneer effort of using social media as a medium for political communication and narrative for the first time in Indian democracy
  • Part of Information Communication Campaign Committee headed by Sh. Piyush Goyal Ji
  • Most Responsive on Political personality in Haryana and specially Gurgaon on Twitter
  • Facebook followers 6.4 K, Twitter 20K including Sh. Narendra Modi Ji (Prime Minister of India)

Professional Background:

  • Started my career with Bharti Telecom Limited in 1995 for the launch of Mobile Telephony Business as Sales Manager
  • Joined RPG Paging Services Ltd as Sales Manager in 1997
  • Launched JV of RPG Paging and Motorola known as PARE-Express 1998 as Retail Head
  • Joined Essar Cell Phone Swiss PTT joint venture as Re-launch team Head in 1999
  • Joined Max New York Life as a founder team member in Jan 2001
  • Joined family business of Real Estate Development & Trading in Dec 2002 and continuing till date.



  • Name: Raman Malik
  • Father’s Name: Late Sh. Hakumat Rai Malik
  • Mother’s Name: Late Smt. Raj Rani Malik
  • Wife’s Name: Dr Vinita Malik
  • Language: Hindi, English, Punjabi
  • DOB: 10th Feb 1974

Some Key Point of His Vision for Gurugram:

  • Improving infrastructure: As the new mayor, he would prioritize improving the city's infrastructure, including roads, bridges, public transportation, and water and sewage systems with time line. This could help alleviate traffic congestion, improve access to basic services, and enhance the overall quality of life for residents.
  • Encouraging sustainable development: Gurugram has seen rapid urbanization and growth, leading to environmental issues such as air pollution, water scarcity, and deforestation. As the new mayor, under the blessing of state and central leadership, I could work to encourage sustainable development practices that balance economic growth with environmental preservation.
  • Enhancing public safety: As the new mayor would focus on improving public safety by increasing civil & police cooperative presence, enhancing emergency response systems would be another top priority for myself, and investing in community policing initiatives to build trust and collaboration between law enforcement, administration and residents will remain a focus area.
  • Supporting small businesses: It’s his strong trust that new mayor should work and create plans to support small businesses, by creating incentives and providing resources for entrepreneurship and innovation. This could help stimulate economic growth, create job opportunities, and improve the city's overall prosperity. This again shall not be attainable without guidance and blessing of state and central leadership.
  • Strengthening education and healthcare: He endorses the opinion that a new mayor should prioritize improving access to quality education and healthcare services, particularly for vulnerable populations, with collaborative approach, handholding of the state leadership. This shall involve building / re-modelling schools, civic infra and hospitals, expanding existing services, and providing a special public private partnership to handholding and assisting to low-income families. To do so would like to involve organisational workers this shall make them feal empowered part of governance process.
  • Encouraging civic engagement: He feels that the new mayor should work to promote civic engagement by encouraging public participation in decision-making, establishing community councils, and creating platforms for residents to voice their opinions and concerns. Also it is my submission that as a party worker would like to have some arrangement that all grievances’ and suggestions of my fellow karykarta’s be discussed and solutions be created in the party office itself.
  • Social cultural needs of the city: Gurugram is one of the fastest developing Metropolitan cities in India and so is the requirement of the image of the city. It is envisaged that going forward Gurugram should be associated with cultural fashion art music and other such events which would make it a truly Global City.

These are just a few ideas for an action plan that a new mayor of Gurugram might consider. Ultimately, the specific priorities and strategies will depend on the city's unique needs and challenges, as well as the directions of the leadership.

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